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Reasons Why Organizations Are Moving Data Backups to the Cloud

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Many businesses of all sizes are using the cloud as their primary location to store data. Cloud computing is the action of storing and accessing your important data through the internet, as opposed to an on-site hard drive or server. Cloud & Data Backup Services are also commonly used to prevent data loss. Even though this may seem like a major shift for companies who employ a full-time IT staff, there are many benefits to using the cloud.

  1. Cost effective

There are a variety of ways that cloud computing may be able to save money for your business. For starters, you will no longer have to worry about additional hardware costs. All hardware needs will be the vendor’s responsibility, along with the costs of any repairs or replacements. Not having to deal with hardware will not only help to maximize your space, it will also provide the benefit of lower energy costs for your business. No hardware also means no maintenance or labor, which can also add up in cost.

  1. Security and data protection

Although it may come as a surprise, research shows that storing data in the cloud is actually more secure than using traditional data storing methods for many different reasons. Cybersecurity has become extremely important over the past few years because of a significant increase in cyber breaches and attacks. Cloud systems are able to password protect, encrypt, and secure data while it’s being stored and during access or transfers—keeping your business safe.

Cloud storage also ensures you that your data will be secure in the event that you lose the device you have been working on. If your laptop or business computer gets lost or damaged, you will have the peace of mind knowing that your data stored in the cloud remains stable and can be accessed from another device.

  1. Flexibility

After this past year with the coronavirus pandemic, many employees are taking advantage of the opportunity to work remotely. Many people have appreciated the work-life balance that comes with the ability to work from home. Unlike traditional data processes, cloud computing is extra convenient and flexible because it will allow employees to work from anywhere. As long as you have a secured internet connection, you will be able to work remote.

Not to mention, a majority of cloud computing and cloud backups also offer apps. Whether you want to work from home or a coffee shop—or if you are traveling—having a tablet or smartphone is all you may need to access the files and get your work done.

Lastly, cloud storage and cloud backups also make it much easier for businesses to accomplish minor tasks such as moving data or increasing storage space. It can be as easy as upgrading the account with a click of a button or contacting the vendor’s customer support. With traditional on-site server storage, upgrades could take several days to order the necessary hardware and schedule installation.

  1. Low maintenance

One of the best parts about the cloud is that it requires no on-site server or hardware, eliminating the responsibility of maintenance and labor. Additionally, having a cloud-based data system will lessen the burden on your internal IT team. This will allow your staff, or managed service provider, to focus more effort into securing your networks and managing your daily technology needs.

BrightLink Technology has been providing custom-tailored cloud backup for small businesses in Jacksonville for years. If you are ready to give your business an efficient, cost-effective data backup solution that works for your specific needs, you have come to the right place. Contact us today about any of your IT & business technology needs!