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Top 4 MSP Trends for 2021

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There is no doubt that 2020 created a turning point in digital transformation for companies across the country. While IT has been a fundamental part of business for years now, many managed service providers (MSPs) have recognized an increase in demand for technology while businesses try to navigate the new normal of working from home. Many organizations have turned to full or part-time remote working and are investing in technologies to make easy and effective transitions. As a result, it is important for MSPs to stay on top of the latest trends to be able to support various new business operations. Read to discover 4 MSP trends that are emerging this year:

  1. Moving to the cloud

Moving to the cloud, or “cloud migration” has become a growing trend as businesses continue to evolve with advanced technology. This is the process of transferring data, applications, and IT resources from an on-premise infrastructure to the cloud environment. Basically, this means that companies are able to access their important data over the internet rather than through a computer hard drive. Not only is cloud computing low maintenance and cost-effective, it also provides workers the flexibility needed while working from home. Additionally, storing data in the cloud has proven to be much more secure than traditional data storing methods.

  1. Use of artificial intelligence

In simple terms, the goal of artificial intelligence (AI) is to make computers think and act like humans so that they are more helpful and useful. MSPs today are deploying technologies that use specific methods to help identify and prevent security issues. Using artificial intelligence allows MSPs to resolve these damaging occurrences more efficiently before they have the ability to negatively impact the functionality of a business. AI is able to help people recognize anything unusual happening in systems and will provide solutions to help get the system back to normal.

  1. Embracing immersive technology

Due to the worldwide coronavirus pandemic, every day personal interaction seems like a faint memory for many. Even as the world is gradually moving back to normal, it is predicted that social distancing may be the new normal for years to come. As a result, businesses are exploring new ways to be able to connect with their employees and clients while having to work remotely. Immersive technology tools such as real-time 3D, augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality (VR) have become popular ways to enhance remote interactions by allowing employees to be able to collaborate more productively, work in labs and offices from a distance, and even attend events virtually.

  1. Stronger focus on cybersecurity

As more companies are moving to digital solutions, an increase in cyber-threats has surfaced.

Businesses everywhere have been considering new ways to advance their cybersecurity strategies after the extreme amount of cyber-attacks in 2020. As technology continues to evolve, cybersecurity will also continue to become more complex, creating new challenges for businesses everywhere. Because of this, it’s important for MSPs to progress their ways of identifying opportunities for improvement.

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