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Cloud Backup, On-Site Data
Backup & Recovery Services

Data backup and recovery solutions are essential – especially in today’s data-rich business environment. Whether used to reach business goals, deliver insights or inform important business decisions, organizations across numerous industries rely on different forms of data to keep their operations flowing. As companies continue to accumulate increasing volumes of data and store them across the business – from on-site data centers to cloud storage – keeping that information protected and readily available is more critical now than ever.

Every company needs a solid data backup and system recovery solution that can help it thrive even in the face of unexpected events. For over 10 years, BrightLink Technology has provided custom tailored data backup and disaster recovery services for small businesses in Jacksonville. We offer both cloud backup and onsite backup solutions as well as disaster recovery services to ensure your data is secured at all times.

Depending on your business niche, resources and specific needs, our team of IT professionals will offer you an efficient, cost-effective data backup solution that will provide the ultimate peace of mind.

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Cloud Backup

Cloud backups have become the preferred solution for many small businesses due to convenience, cost-efficiency and security. Also known as online backup or remote backup, cloud backup is a strategy that includes sending copies of files or databases to an off-site location to preserve information in the event of system failure or damage. As a result, lost files can be retrieved and restored with ease. Cloud backups also have significant scaling capabilities to correlate with your business needs. Unlimited files can be saved, and there is no limit to the backup capacity.

Pros of Our Cloud Backup Services Include:

  • Cost Efficiency
  • Security
  • Scalability
  • User-Friendly / Accessible

On-Site Data Backup

On-site backup is a traditional strategy that involves data being stored locally – typically on the business premises. With on-site data backups, all sensitive information is saved to local media such as tapes or hard disks. While many businesses may be moving their information to the cloud, there are certainly a number of companies that still prefer being able to monitor and keep track of their valuable data through onsite protection.

Pros of Our On-Site Data Backup Services Include:

  • Greater Control
  • Convenience
  • One-Time Purchase (No ongoing fees)
  • Internet Access Not Needed


Disaster Recovery

No matter what industry, every business always has a vulnerability to failure. Whether it be a natural disaster, flood, fire, or human threat, it is likely that all businesses will have to endure unpredictable incidents at some point. The most important thing you can do is be prepared! The purpose of having a disaster recovery plan is to reduce damage or disruption and recover as quickly as possible in the event of unexpected events that lead to system failure. At BrightLink Technology, you can rely on our team to produce an effective disaster recovery plan for your business to avoid your most important data being lost.

Protect Your Small Business
From Data Loss with a Great Backup Solution

Data loss can be a detrimental and irreversible issue that can happen to any small or medium business. In fact, 60 percent of small business that lose their data go bankrupt soon afterwards. That’s why setting up a secure, reliable data backup and recovery solution should be a top priority for your business, today! BrightLink offers affordable cloud-based backups and on-site data backup services designed to provide the right-sized option to safeguard your business against costly data loss or system failures.

BrightLink’s Data Backup Solutions Include:

AWS Backup

For companies currently using Amazon Web Services (AWS) to run some part or all of their small businesses or those simply looking for a flexible, cost-effective and secure data backup solution, AWS Backup provides an appealing choice to back up your data in the cloud, on premises or both (hybrid backup).

AWS Backup integrates with AWS Storage Gateway and other AWS cloud and onsite storage resources allowing for easy, centrally-managed systems backups. In every case, AWS’s pay-only-for-what-you-use service and scalability make it a solid backup option.

  • Great for AWS or Non-AWS Customers
  • Cloud, Onsite & Hybrid Options
  • AWS Pay-For-What-You-Use Storage Model
  • Unrivaled Scalability
  • Robust Security
  • Centralized, Automatics Data Backup Across AWS Services

On-Site Backup Solutions

BrightLink’s onsite data backup solutions provide you with immediate access to your data via local data storage and transfer devices. We offer a variety of solutions that are customizable to your business needs and location. These can range from a single dedicated server to a fully-outfitted computer room or onsite data center configured to use a high-speed local storage network (LAN) or even high-speed fiber. Local storage means low latency and quick response with high-speed data transfer rates.

  • All Internal Systems Have Direct Access to Storage
  • High Speed LAN or Fiber Provides Fast Data Transfers
  • Local Storage with Low Latency
  • Customized for Your Needs
  • Dedicated Servers, Hard Drives, DVDs, Magnetic Tape, CDs & more!
  • Full Flexibility!

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