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Computer & IT Support

BrightLink works with a variety of different industries, companies and professionals. You need an IT expert on your side you can rely on for all those technical tasks you encounter on a day-to-day basis. We are your local solution.

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Dental Practices

Our team helps anyone in the dental industry keep their focus on where it should be: their patients. Utilizing technology is crucial to the dental industry because patient information is constantly being inputted and updated throughout the normal hustle and bustle of the workday. These programs increase efficiency levels when entering patient information and scans.

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Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry, like many other industries, has become dependent on technology to boost productivity in the workplace. Computer programs often store medical and family health records, patient schedules, prescriptions, and billing information that are crucial to any medical practice. Not only does it increase productivity rates, ordering tests and prescribing medications digitally is more.

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Construction Industry

Over time, IT services have become more beneficial to the construction industry. Before, the industry relied on printed drawings and data to complete projects, which often pushed back deadlines. Now, this information can be sent with the click of a button on your computer’s keyboard. Communication with architects, engineers, plumbers, surveyors, project managers, and other.

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Non-Profit Organizations

Along with revenue-producing organizations, nonprofit organizations utilize technology on a daily basis for several reasons. Two of the main types of programs used are fundraising or fund accounting programs, which calculate information and keep it organized. Some nonprofits also use software to target potential donors. BrightLink Technology is here to manage the day-to- day software.

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Accounting Firms

Accounting firms rely on IT service companies to handle management of the technology they use on a daily basis. They use these programs to easily input and gather any data a client might need assistance with. Accountants often have stressful jobs, especially around tax season, and our IT services alleviate some of that stress.

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