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6 Reasons to Consider Using Managed IT Support in Jacksonville

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Have you ever considered using a managed IT support company in Jacksonville? Many business owners fall into the trap of spending so much of their time, energy and resources attempting to manage IT support themselves, or trying to build an in-house team to handle it. Many small businesses believe managed IT support is too expensive and is a service only larger companies can afford. This could not be further from the truth.

In reality, trying to manage IT services yourself or attempting to hire, train and manage an internal IT team to do it can ultimately cost you more, while providing much less. Here are 6 reasons why you should consider using managed IT support in Jacksonville.

1. Expert Team

It’s true that business owners typically wear many hats. Most have diversified skill sets ranging from operations to marketing to sales, and occasionally even a little IT, although this last area often seems to be one of the greatest weakness. You can try to hire internal staff to manage IT support, but even these kinds of employees can have specialized skillsets that are somewhat limited.

Unless you’re desiring to build out your IT support staff with multiple team members, or are willing to take on the extra costs that comes with hiring an IT professional whose experience is both broad and deep, your best bet is consider using managed IT support. Then, you’ll have access to a team of certified experts with deep experience in all things IT including Hardware & Software Deployment, IT Security , Cloud & Onsite Backup Services, and Business Continuity, among others.

2. Access to the Latest Skills & Technologies

Managed IT support companies like BrightLink Technology in Jacksonville regularly work with the world’s largest IT companies and suppliers– tech giants like Microsoft, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Apple, IBM, Cisco, Oracle, Norton, Bitdefender, and many others. Whether it’s hardware, software, data storage or security, you can be certain that a professional IT support provider is continuously being informed and trained on the latest technology products and service offerings. This, in addition to having direct lines of communication to key technology suppliers.

3. 24/7 System Monitoring

When your business network or IT system experiences a disruption, it can quickly wind up costing your company thousands in angry customers and lost business. What’s more, disasters don’t often happen on your preferred time schedule.

Our software will monitor for errors and problems 24/7, and in some cases conduct self-healing procedures to resolve the issue, if possible. For system or hardware failures that require additional support, BrightLink Technology also utilizes an automated support ticketing system so that the technicians are notified and can work to resolve it – sometimes even before the customer knows there’s an issue.

4. Scalability & Flexibility

Is your company growing due to an influx of new business or have recent changes to the economy forced you to consider scaling back? With managed IT support, you’re not forced into consequential decisions like which tech team member to lay off, or conversely, how to grow fast enough to keep up with exploding demands and supporting new business IT needs (data storage, new computers and software, security, etc.) without losing your new customers in the process. By outsourcing IT services and using managed IT support, you can easily adjust on the fly, scaling support services up or down for exactly what you need, when you need it.

5. Eliminate HR Duties

Building an internal IT team creates unnecessary new layers of HR support. Do you know what to ask for in a job description, how to vet interested IT job applicants, or understand whether your IT team members are working or playing Fortnite on the computer? There’s also, onboarding, offboarding, training, payroll, insurance, benefits and many other HR responsibilities you take on when you try to do everything yourself with an in-house IT team.

6. Save Time, Money and Enable Your Business to Reach Its Full Potential

It’s easy to understand a business owner’s desire to want to control every aspect of their business to help it reach its full potential. But often times, these instincts can have the reverse effect. A business owner can attempt to take on things they are not well-equipped for while taking away time, energy and focus from the things they are great at, that help drive the growth of their businesses.

Don’t fall into this trap when it comes to managed IT support in Jacksonville. Save yourself, time, money and headaches. Call BrightLink Technology at (904) 619-1966 and let us show you how to keep your business operating as safely, effectively and efficiently, as possible with managed IT support.

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