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Businesswoman typing in her office. A digital security HUD sketch. Concept of hi tech in business Toned image double exposure mock up Elements of this image furnished by NASA

Top 9 Tech Tasks Small Businesses Should Outsource

Small business owners face many tech- and IT-related challenges which can be a major cause for slowing down the growth of the business. Even outside IT-related industries, very few businesses can thrive in this digital economy without IT and digital strategy support. But small business owners often can’t afford to hire significant IT staff. You’re […]
Corporate manager pushing MANAGED SERVICES on an interactive virtual screen. Business metaphor and information technology concept for outsourcing network security as part of enterprise IT strategy.

Tips for How to Choose a Managed Service Provider

By Joe Flask, BrightLink Technology Businesses today are focusing on rapid growth through digital transformation. To keep up with the dynamic market forces and changes in the digital world, they need to keep integrating new devices, programs, systems and applications, the upkeep of which requires continuous monitoring and maintenance. It is at this point where […]