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4 Ways to Strengthen Your Non-Profit’s Approach to Cybersecurity

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There is a common misconception that large businesses and corporations are the only victims of data breaches. However, cybercriminals are not known to limit their attacks to just those popular targets. Instead, they will go after just about any organization that is easy for them to exploit – making businesses and organizations of all sizes potential targets.

A non-profit organization’s primary focus is to do good in their local communities and across the world. In order to facilitate that goal, the majority utilize modern technology for a variety of daily operations. Fundraising or fund accounting programs are common among non-profits, requiring a significant amount of sensitive information to be collected from various volunteers. Furthermore, many non-profits rely solely on their loyal contributors to keep their organizations running. With all things considered, cybersecurity is essential for non-profit organizations that wish to successfully protect their data and keep their operations running smoothly at all times.

Keep reading to take a closer look at 5 ways non-profits can strengthen their cybersecurity programs to ensure that sensitive data is always protected.

  1. Perform regular risk assessments.

No matter how well any business secures its technology and data, there is always the possibility of potential new risks that could cause harm to everyday operations. This is why engaging in regular risk assessments is important when keeping your organization secure from an unwanted data breach. When it comes to risks facing your non-profit, it is important to consider all the private data you store as well as the devices that are connected to your network. Doing so will help organization leaders discover potential vulnerabilities in their technology systems that could save them from disaster.

  • Make sure your team has cybersecurity awareness.

Increasing cybersecurity awareness in an organization is an essential factor when it comes to keeping your business secure. Having a team that is cyber security aware means that they not only understand what cyber threats are and how they will affect the organization but also know the proper steps to take to reduce these risks and prevent cyber-crimes in the future. Every member of an organization should be responsible for its security and being prepared will save time and stress in the long run.

  • Use stronger passwords

Strong password policies can save businesses from falling victim to a number of cyber-attacks. While this may seem like an obvious precaution, having a strong password policy goes beyond coming up with one universal password for your non-profit. It is important for organizations to have a unique, complex password for every system that they use. After cracking one password, it is likely for cybercriminals to use that same password on any system that they can to further their attack. This is why having multiple passwords will save many organizations from data breaches.

  • Choose a reliable IT service provider

At the end of the day, choosing an IT service provider that you can trust will ultimately help secure your non-profit organization while also allowing you to focus on more important matters related to your organization. When you work with a managed service provider, you get access to a team of technology experts who have experience in dealing with the complexities of data backup and IT matters, and who can be there to help you in the event of a crisis. Finding the right IT service provider will ultimately increase productivity, improve security, and allow you and your team to focus on what matters the most.

Choose BrightLink IT Services for Your Non-Profit Organization

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