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The 5 Most Common Reasons Why Companies Hire BrightLink Technology

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Since 2010, BrightLink Technology has been a leading Information Technology provider for businesses in Jacksonville, Florida. BrightLink specializes in managed IT services and on-demand support – everything from Data Backup Services, Information Security, Hardware and Software Deployment, On-Demand Support, and Business Continuity Planning. BrightLink’s local IT services continue to push Jacksonville businesses forward and into safe and seamless workflows. Here are the 5 most common reasons that local businesses choose BrightLink Technology as their Jacksonville IT provider.

  1. Data Backup

Whether choosing a cloud-based storage program or an on-site data center, BrightLink Technology can help you secure and protect your business’s data, building a better future for your company. Our customized data backup and disaster recovery services help mitigate potential data-loss, bringing critical business security and peace of mind to the small businesses of Jacksonville.

On-site backup is the well-known traditional method that entails data being stored on business premises or locally. With BrightLink’s on-site backup service, data is stored on a local server or hard drive, eliminating the need for internet access and enabling more control and convenience. On-site data storage typically requires a one-time expense to purchase the storage system and avoids ongoing fees for cloud storage space. While this option may seem outdated compared to modern cloud-based technologies, we can certainly understand why some businesses prefer being able to securely store their data on-site.

Cloud backups are gaining in popularity due to the convenience, security, and reasonable pricing. This process includes sending copies of files to an off-site “cloud” that safely stores and protects your data should there be any issues with your on-site systems. The limit truly does not exist to how much can be saved in a cloud backup or the backup capacity itself, making this data backup choice popular amongst many businesses. With BrightLink’s cloud backup service, small businesses can count on scalability, user-friendliness, security, and of course, cost efficiency.

  1. Network & Email Security

BrightLink Technology can help small businesses in Jacksonville recognize and train their employees to avoid common email-based cyber-attacks to protect their network with our Information Security service offerings. BrightLink can customize our client’s network and email security setup for optimal security and efficiencies. Implementing durable Information Security can also help protect your customer’s sensitive financial or personal information from potential data threats, as well as securing your company’s valuable intellectual property.

Small businesses require big data protection. In some instances, one cyber attack is all it takes for a small business to lose everything. BrightLink’s vulnerability and threat risk assessment, remediation plans – including staff training and multi-factor authentication protocols will protect Florida businesses and enable them to operate with confidence.

  1. Anti-Virus Protection

Building a strong security foundation is crucial for business success and avoiding downtime or revenue loss. Malware and computer viruses are common types of cyberattacks that fall under Anti-Virus Protection. BrightLink Technology’s Managed IT Services enable “cyber hygiene” for small businesses in Jacksonville with offerings like anti-spam software, anti-virus & anti-malware protection, infrastructure security, and 24/7 remote monitoring.

Using a virtual private network (VPN), performing regular data backups, practicing risk management, and maintaining substantial virus protection are key to business success in today’s world. BrightLink can help you achieve all levels of anti-virus protection for your small business at a fair price point.

  1. Computer Maintenance & Updates

BrightLink Technology has helped many clients in Jacksonville, Florida, roll out successful hardware and software updates with confidence and efficiency. We offer customized solutions and scalable tools for expanding businesses. No matter what type of business you run, making sure that your technology is up-to-date and functioning properly is essential for your success. At BrightLink, we are always proactive in guiding our clients with smart technology decisions that are more than just a purchase, but rather a way to increase the value of your overall budget.

  1. Dissatisfaction With Their Current IT Provider

Many of our clients reach out to BrightLink due to unsatisfactory service from their current IT provider. It might be a lack of attention, poor communication skills, slow response time or a failure to resolve critical IT issues.

With BrightLink Technology, you can count on our team of dedicated experts to thoroughly evaluate your IT needs, provide the right services and tools, and be proactive about updates and security measures that will enable your business to thrive.

BrightLink Technology provides scalable and cost-effective IT solutions for companies across many industries in Jacksonville, Florida. Are you ready to level up your business? Contact BrightLink Technology for an IT consultation today!