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Network Protection Tips for Healthcare Organizations

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The data held by healthcare organizations include highly sensitive medical records and personal data that can become easy targets for cyber-attacks and other security breaches. Medical facilities need to keep these types of information on record in order to be able to provide care and operate their business. However, that fact often leaves healthcare organizations at risk of cyber-attacks and ransomware unless they have proper network protection and security measures in place.

Why are Healthcare Records Prime Targets for Cyber Criminals?

Healthcare records contain a vast amount of personal information all in one place, making them very valuable to cybercriminals who are searching for their next target. With data including social security numbers, contact details and payment information, it’s easy to understand why cybercriminals choose to go after healthcare organizations to ultimately profit off of other people’s identities. There has also been a push towards fully-digital medical records that are stored in the cloud and accessed from multiple offices and organizations.

How to Protect Your Healthcare Organization from Cyber Attacks

As an experienced managed IT services company in Jacksonville, BrightLink Technology recommends these 4 tips to ensure that your patients’ sensitive data will be as protected as possible.

Recognize Weaknesses in Endpoint Security – In most healthcare work environments, there are dozens if not hundreds of devices that access medical records and networks. In-office endpoints may include front desk computers, physician laptops, staff mobile devices, and tablets. Off-site endpoints likely include call centers, billing and insurance departments, and remote work devices that also access and share the organization’s data. Aged infrastructures and old devices that have not been maintained and updated are also security risks. BrightLink Technology offers hardware and software deployment services to make sure all your computers and networks operate efficiently and securely.

Create a Cybersecurity Culture – It is essential that all of the employees within a healthcare organization are educated with cybersecurity awareness training in order to recognize potential cyber threats like email phishing and ransomware. BrightLink provides Security and Compliance Best Practice Staff Training.

Adopt a Zero-Trust Approach – In addition to antivirus protection and cybersecurity training, healthcare organizations should adopt a zero-trust approach that treats every device connecting to their network as a potential intruder that needs verification. We always recommend using multi-factor authentication (MFA) and instituting a password reset schedule to discourage staff from using the same password over and over again.

Have Backup Measures – Setting up a secure, reliable data backup and recovery solution should be a top priority for any business, especially healthcare organizations. BrightLink offers affordable cloud-based and on-site data backup services designed to provide right-sized options that safeguard your business against costly data loss or system failures.

Choose BrightLink for Healthcare IT Services in Jacksonville

If you are searching for a reliable IT service provider for your healthcare organization in Northeast Florida, we encourage you to contact our office. For over a decade, BrightLink Technology has protected data technology for companies throughout the Jacksonville area. We offer the most advanced products that are tailored to fulfill all of your professional needs. Request a free consultation by calling 904.619.1966 today.