Dental Practices

Our team helps anyone in the dental industry keep their focus on where it should be: their patients. Utilizing technology is crucial to the dental industry because patient information is constantly being inputted and updated throughout the normal hustle and bustle of the workday. These programs increase efficiency levels when entering patient information and scans, scheduling appointments, and managing other day-to- day office tasks. As the modern age begins to grow technologically, so does the dental practice industry’s use of advanced tools for routine cleanings and surgical procedures. There are many software, hardware and management issues that arise during the implementation and use of these new pieces of technology. Knowing the dental world backwards and forwards, BrightLink’s engineers stand ready to assist you.

“A few years ago, our office switched to BrightLink for our pediatric dental office computer services. BrightLink has provided consistent top-notch computer support ever since we signed up with them. Joe Flask and his team are there for you when you need them.”

— Dr. Cochran,Dentist

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